Beyond Biology…

Experience True Health

How to Use Energy to Revitalize, Recover, and Rejuvenate.

Are you experiencing…

Chronic Pain?
Condition Related Symptoms?
Emotional Dis-ease?
Stress? Brain Fog?

In my 30+ years of healing experience, I commonly hear…

“I don’t feel like myself…”

And then I hear, “I’m in pain, stressed, and overwhelmed.”


I get it. You’ve changed your diet and started exercising, you’re feeling overwhelmed by too much information, or maybe you even feel pretty good about your life as a whole, and yet… something still feels “off.”

Maybe you’re coping with physical pain. Maybe you’ve lost your zest for life. Do you want to make a change but aren’t quite sure where to begin? Instead of manifesting your dreams, are you feeling stuck in the mud?

I understand because I have felt the same way…

Ann ChristensenI am the daughter of a doctor. I grew up playing in hospitals as my father cared for his patients. Watching my father and other healers, I knew I was going to become a doctor too. I loved the science of healing.

And then tragedy struck…

My mother suffered a profound and life-threatening stroke. We didn’t know if she would live or die, or remain in a coma.

When she became conscious and began the slow process of recovery, it became clear that medical science could neither entirely heal her condition or eliminate her symptoms.

Something else was needed.

Ann Christensen's MotherHow could her life be optimized given the cold hard fact that her symptoms would largely remain? Was there a way for her pain to be minimized, her emotional discomfort to be eased, and a sense of well-being to flourish in spite of her condition?

Was there a safe and effective way to accomplish this goal?

I spent a lot of time pondering this question.

One night, as I prepared to sleep, a sudden rush of energy sent me flying up and out of my body, and in that moment it became clear that “I” am in fact, not my body. “I” am a field of energy and this living energetic field connects my entire being, inside to outside and the physical to subtle, body, mind, and spirit.

This experience answered my question…

Science was not enough. Science is a response to the objective world. It doesn’t recognize subjective, energetic, connecting, and healing fields of living energy.

I knew I would need to pursue a deeper understanding of these fields and how they work and heal.

This insight led me to the ancient shamanic and Taoist healing approaches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which collectively have thousands of years of tradition and experience using energetic fields to heal and transform you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


WRI’s True Health Program!

Revitalize, Recover, and Rejuvenate

This is a unique 8-step program grounded in ancient Taoist Healing approaches used for promoting health and well-being. It integrates energetic, herbal, and spiritual protocols to promote physical, mental, and emotional stability and flexibility by reconnecting you to your body, nature, and every aspect of your world.

Each step is customized to help you get clarity on what you need to move forward and feel better, revitalized, and rejuvenated.

Each step includes exercises and tips you can easily integrate into your daily routine, including herbal recommendations and more!

Each section will give you exactly what you need. No fuss. No stress, and tons of inspiration!

Three stories from people on the path of True Health…

Angered & Annoyed to Smiling from the Inside.

Angered & Annoyed to Smiling from the Inside.

Emily M. was a young lady with a vital thriving social life and successful career that kept her busy and on her toes. With so much going on she had to feel her best. Her digestion caused her problems and she noticed she seemed to be getting angry and annoyed more easily.

The idea of suggesting she might want to slow down, even just a tiny bit was a joke and she told me so before I could even ask, that any mention of meditating or slowing down any aspect of her daily life was not a possibility. She would refuse. She simply wanted something to take to keep her energy up and calm her stomach down.

I loved her honesty.

I suggested a few herbs, but also gave her compelling evidence for adding a weekly twenty-minute walk in a nearby park to her schedule to further kickstart her self-improvement program. She rolled her eyes, but adding something was way better than slowing down or doing less, and she knew some friends she could join on a walk, so she agreed to try it.

When she returned the following week, she reported that at the last minute her friend’s schedules had changed and they couldn’t meet her, but she had decided to go on her own anyway.

Her eyes welled up as she shared that she had thought I had been crazy when I had recommended taking some time for herself by going on even a brief walk in nature, even if “nature” meant a city park.

Turned out the rare opportunity to walk quietly on her own outside under a few trees without purpose other than being in the present, had been calming. Ever honest, she shared she would not be sitting still or slowing down any time soon, but she was definitely returning to the park to be outdoors and in nature again.

The air, the smells, the quiet had and I quote, “made me smile from the inside out,” for the first time in a long time.

P.S. She loved the herbs, her stomach was not cramping as much, and while still feeling easily annoyed, was not feeling as ready to blow up as she had been.

P.P.S. Within several weeks, she happily reported her stomach pain had gone, she had stopped a few “bad” eating habits, and was sleeping better than she ever had. She said the herbs did their part for sure, but she had to admit, it was including the recommended nature walk exercises that were changing her life (her words).

From Headaches and Insomnia to a Promotion.

From Headaches and Insomnia to a Promotion.

Charles H. was a client of mine who suffered from headaches and insomnia. His blood pressure was unstable, he commonly experienced shortness-of-breath, and he had poor digestion. Charles was only 37 years old. These are not good symptoms to be having at any age.

So far, he had been treating each symptom as its own illness and having only mild success managing any of them. He could not recall when he last felt right. His doctor wanted to put him on heart medications and he was hoping I might offer another solution.

A brief discussion revealed that he was building his career by holding down two jobs at the same time. A morning job, from 8am to around 4pm and a night time job where he worked from 6pm to 4am. He was not yet in a position to quit either job.

Now there are many possible solutions and recommendations that could or were already recommended to him. The question became, if I could help him change one thing to help improve his health, his depression, his stress, what would it be?

I decided to supplement the herbs I recommended to him with a simple deep breathing exercise to do every day for at least 5 minutes, more if he could, and waited to see him again in a week.

When he returned he was walking tall and smiling! (Already an improvement!) He reported that while not able to find more hours for sleep due to his schedule, the breathing was helping him sleep more deeply and wheeze less. Consequently, his headaches, while not gone, had notably become less invasive and frequent, and his blood pressure while still higher than we wanted, was not spiking as it had been. He said he just felt better.

In fact, the best he had in a long, long time. He was not yet cured, but in a short time he could report feeling significant progress. Charles continued taking the herbs I’d suggested, but he also kept up the breathing exercises I gave him, and as more symptoms backed off and he felt increasingly energized, not surprisingly, his life began to shift too.

Feeling less like a shadow of his former self, his renewed energy brought him to the attention of one of his bosses. He was promoted, making it possible for him to quit the second job and allowing him to take his health to an even greater level of improvement. Smiling he said, “It had not occurred to me that such a thing was even possible. Thank you.” (I love what I do.)

I Needed Some Laughter.

I Needed Some Laughter.

Ruth R. was a lovely lady. She practiced yoga, meditation, and was a vegetarian. She was living what she felt was a healthy lifestyle. Still she was unhappy. She did not want to take any antidepressants, on the other hand, she confessed to feeling empty, lost, and unclear about what her life even meant. She also suffered from chronic low back pain that meant she was taking several aspirin every day and they were starting to upset her stomach. Ruth typically went from home to work to yoga and back again.

I recommended several herbs she could take that would help ease her back pain as well as lift her spirit. I also challenged her to invite a friend from yoga out to celebrate, even if it was just to get together for a meal or a cup of tea, instead of going straight home after class. She laughed, but said she would see if she could fit such an invite into her busy schedule.

When she returned next week, she grew very quiet. Time seemed to stand still. She sat at the end of her chair and leaned toward me pointing, “You! You tricked me!” she said. “I came here for some herbs to make me feel better, but you gave me more. So much more. I had not realized my health needed more than just a pill or herbal formula. I needed some laughter.”

“It has been so long since I stopped to appreciate and enjoy the very fine people who are in my life and how important they are to me. Honestly, since our last visit, I have been to two lunches, one dinner, and taken a hike with several of the people I love and enjoy.”

“Yes, the herbs have, of course, been great, but reconnecting with the people I love? This is making me smile. Not sure which has helped my back more, the herbs or the visits with my friends, but I was able to go for a two hour hike with my buddies and I did not have to take any aspirin afterwards or the next day. Friends, a hike, no back pain, and no aspirin! This is a big deal. I feel really great! Thank you.”


True Health is real, and it is yours to experience.

This program provides you with an individualized and holistic approach to health and well-being that can jump start your life and health.

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Ann E. Christensen, founder of White Rabbit Institute of Healing (WRI), dedicated to providing the best there is to offer from the intersection of modern science, nature, and ancient energetic healing practices.

Our mascot is the white rabbit, a symbol of transformation, health, and prosperity.

· I have been teaching and guiding patients, students, and other healthcare professionals for over 30 years.
· I am a former professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Bastyr University.
· My expertise includes: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Meditation, Breath Work, Herbs, and Nutrition
· Author of a forthcoming encyclopedia of Herbs covering 300+ plants from both an Eastern and Western perspective and how to use them.
· Author of 6 eVolumes collectively containing 300+ herb monographs.
· Founder and director of White Rabbit Institute of Healing (WRI).
· Over 50,000+ have gone through our WRI system.

I have one goal…

I want you to experience True Health.

I want to connect you to a deeper awareness of your body, world, and spirit so you can better access your own unique healing powers.

The 8 Steps of WRI’s True Health Program…

Each step is customized to your needs and includes exercises, tips, herbal recommendations, and more to help you get clarity on what you need to move forward and feel better. Each section will give you exactly what you need. No fuss. No stress, and tons of inspiration!



The Source of Life. Use breath to anchor and reconnect all areas of your life. Draw strength from the universe to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stamina.


Quiet Rewiring. Take advantage of user-friendly, personally-tailored meditation techniques to calm, center, feel, and find flow again. Use stillness and silence to empty out, rewire, and create a space for rejuvenation.


Inside, Outside, Home, Work, and Play. Wake up to, connect with, and reorganize your environment to better meet your needs. Includes rediscovering nature to support your health and well-being as you draw upon the unseen healing energies of the world around you.


A New Approach. From scent and choice to preparation and presentation. Discover techniques, recipes, foods, and herbs you can enjoy to improve your health, counter stress, clear your mind, and promote longevity.


Reality is Fluid, so is Your Body. Awaken to a whole new world of using sleep and dreams to heal. Empower your awareness and ability to mold your world. Possible side effects: boosted immunity and hastened recovery of physical, mental, and emotional upsets, injuries, and imbalances.


Circulation and Self-reliance. Use movement to build strength, confidence, and awareness. Improve circulation and clear your mind and body. Time to get up and move!


Bridging the differences between Self, Others, the Divine, and Your Community. The root cause of virtually every ailment, heartache, or sense of loss or numbness is a feeling of isolation and separation. Build bridges and cross over to feelings of well-being based on a firm sense of your unique place and purpose in the world.


Joy, Humor, a Pocket Full of Gratitude. Laughter soothes the savage soul. Gratitude fills an empty heart and radiates to others as a gift from one fellow soul to another. Finding joy in the 1001 small gestures, accomplishments, milestones, and events in your immediate and daily life. Time to celebrate!


Bringing it all to life…

Recorded content, workbooks, recommendations, and exercises make sure you have what you need to take your next step forward. Integration and transformation will be measured and celebrated so you can feel the difference each day, week after week, and as you continue on your way.


PLUS+ THREE Incredible Bonuses…

These bonuses make sure you have everything you need to make the most of our 8-step program.


BONUS #1! WRI’s How to Choose the Right Herb Workshop

This self-paced workshop with handouts, walks you step-by-step through the process of identifying the RIGHT herbs for you! Easy-to-follow, proven formulas for choosing herbs from both Eastern and Western approaches are included. There’s even an extensive herbs-by-conditions list to help get you started. Connecting to the safe and extraordinary healing powers of nature just got a whole lot easier and meaningful. ($297 value)

BONUS #2!! WRI’s Healing Herb Collection

Formatted in short, in-depth, easy-to-follow video segments with additional content, each Herb Health Session in the Collection can answer your pressing questions about what an herb does, how it functions, and what it can treat. The best of both Eastern and Western perspectives is included showing you HOW and WHY each herb works. Recipes, gardening tips, insights about essential oils, dosing recommendations, and more are included in each session. AND, you’ll have access to EVERY new session we ever add. (And we’re adding new sessions all the time!) ($497 value)

BONUS #3!!! WRI’s East-West Collection

A series of in-depth video guided health sessions focused on key topics you must know for choosing herbs to improve your health and well-being. Each session includes easy-to-follow videos and content segments giving you Eastern and Western perspectives. Topics include energetic healing principles, how the main systems of your body, mind, and spirit work together holistically and energetically, and much, much more! ($497 value.)

“Ann is very knowledgeable in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the use of herbs. Coming from my background as a physician with a background in yoga instruction, I appreciate her approach of viewing the body as an ecosystem and helping us to focus inward more deeply to facilitate healing and a sense of well-being. Western medicine focuses on the objective and the results of research and I often feel this can become a limitation and frustration for people. Ann’s program offers a method for getting back in touch with our inner essence and supporting our health naturally with herbs. It is an important and effective combination for healing.”

- Marilyn Granger, M.D.

Physician, Yoga Therapist.

“Ann’s Herb and East-West Collections, webinars, and related programs provide an invaluable resource. It can be very challenging to know what protocol or herb to use and when. I believe in taking charge of my own health as best I can. I want what will work. I want the best of both science and energetic possibilities to choose from. Ann’s materials and programs make these perspectives accessible and easy to make use of. It’s an approach you won’t find anywhere else. These are tools you can be benefiting from for the rest of your life. I deeply value the quality, breath, and step-by-step approach she offers. It’s health made easier, doable.”

- James Dillehay

Founding Publisher/Editor of Natural Awakenings Magazine in Denver/Boulder.

WRI’s 8-step True Health Program offers two approaches.
Choose the one that is best for you:


Lifetime Access to WRI’s 8 Step True Health Workshops and Workbooks
Lifetime Access to WRI’s How to Choose the Right Herb Workshop
Lifetime Access to WRI’s Healing Herb Collection
Lifetime Access to WRI’s East-West Collection
Lifetime Access to Healing Herb Fact Sheet and emails
All-Access Self-Study License for a Family Member or Friend

3 Live Q&A Events

Additional Supportive Coaching Emails
Exclusive Facebook Group


Lifetime Access to WRI’s 8 Step True Health Workshops and Workbooks
Lifetime Access to WRI’s How to Choose the Right Herb Workshop
Lifetime Access to WRI’s Healing Herb Collection
Lifetime Access to WRI’s East-West Collection
Lifetime Access to Healing Herb Fact Sheet and emails
All-Access Self-Study License for a Family Member or Friend

3 Live Q&A Events

Additional Supportive Coaching Emails
Exclusive Facebook Group

Which program is right for you?

WRI’s True Health Self-Study Program

This program contains the full 8-step True Health Workshops – to help you find your path to True Health – as well as The How to Choose the Right Herb Workshop, WRI’s Healing Herb Collection, and WRI’s East-West Collection.

This is a great program if you are able to jump in and are excited and comfortable keeping yourself on track and accountable, no extra support needed. You don’t have to have a lot of previous skills or habits; the program will help you grow and progress from whatever foundation you currently have in place.

WRI’s True Health Mastery Program

This program contains the same 8-step True Health Workshops as the Self-Study Program, as well as The How to Choose the Right Herb Workshop, WRI’s Healing Herb Collection, and WRI’s East-West Collection as the Self-Study Program. However, this program ALSO contains ADDITIONAL tools for support.

Let’s face it, if you could be making changes to your health, life, and well-being all by yourself, you already would have!

This is the choice for you when the idea of going solo is simply not enough to get you across the finish line. Sometimes a bit of encouragement, extra explanations, and the unexpected comment from a live session is the exact thing you need to hear to make the changes you long for.


ADDITIONAL tools in the WRI True Health Mastery Program Include:


FREE All-Access Self-Study License for a Family Member or Friend

Joining the program with a friend or loved one gives you someone to connect with for support and engagement. You’ll each have your own unique logins so you can access your individual content and materials. Why go alone, when you can bring a friend or loved one? This is a great way to enjoy, practice, and implement recommendations.

Additional Supportive Coaching Emails

You don’t have to wait until you login to be inspired. It’s so easy for life to step in and interrupt your flow of good intentions. These special coaching emails will help you stay focused and move forward. Delivered to your email box throughout the program, they will inspire you and remind you of details that can be easily overlooked or forgotten. When I say coaching, I really mean coaching!

Exclusive Facebook Group

Available 24/7, this is the place to share successes, ask questions, and connect with others. Sometimes going it alone is not the path to success.

3 LIVE interactive Q&A Events

Register NOW and have access to 3-LIVE interactive Q&A events. The very insight you need, the one that can change everything, will now be only one live session or comment away! This is a great way to exponentially increase your access to wisdom and practical next steps.

WRI’s True Health Program

A unique 8-Step program for rejuvenating your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

Revitalize, Recover, and Rejuvenate!


Join WRI’s

Join WRI’s

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I appreciate the fact that there are people who truly want to help others. I’ve always wanted to learn about herbs, healing, and sustainable living. Looking forward to learning with you.”
- Scott S.

“Excellent presentation. My mind is opened to know what I actually need as concerned [with] the health problem I am having, Thank you for excellent method of teaching.”
- Joseph

“I use herbs to help my COPD (emphysema). I started reading your information and I have found many different ways to help myself on the bad days. Thank you!”
- ‎Janet J.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to herbs. Is this program right for me?
Yes, this program is open to all learners. No previous training is required.
If I choose the True Health Mastery Program and invite a friend to join me, do they get access to the same tools as I do?
They will have access to the full 8-step True Health Program – as well as The How to Choose the Right Herb Workshop, WRI’s Complete Herb Collection, and WRI’s East-West Collection. They will not receive the additional tools included in the Mastery Program however they may upgrade if they choose. They will receive their own unique logins so you can each access your individual content and materials.
I have a pre-existing health concern. Can I still participate?
Yes. This program will suggest effective and safe protocols you can be using to improve your health, whether you are healthy or have a pre-existing health condition.
I do not currently have a health condition that needs addressing, can I still participate?
Yes. This 8-step program will rejuvenate and boost your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, whether you are healthy or have a pre-existing health condition. It sets the stage for you to thrive and move forward in your life.
Are the LIVE Sessions going to be recorded?
Yes. All Live Sessions will be recorded and made available to you in your WRI Member Dashboard. There is also an exclusive Facebook Group where you can ask questions.
Can I enroll even if I don’t live in the U.S.?
Absolutely. Wherever you call home, we welcome you to join our program.

WRI’s True Health Program

A unique 8-Step program for rejuvenating your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

Revitalize, Recover, and Rejuvenate!


Join WRI’s

Join WRI’s


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