Welcome To Our One-of-a-Kind WRI Herb Resource Library Created Just for You.

Herbs are Powerful and Magical. They predate mankind’s arrival on this planet by many millions of years. We are their children.

They can be enjoyed as foods, taken as medicines, be gateways to connecting to our spirits, used as cosmetics or cleansers, and can even cool rocket thrusters on spaceships traveling to the moon.

Herbs have wisdom to share with us. Their spirits are full of stories only they can tell…

Ann ChristensenI’m Ann Christensen, founder of White Rabbit Institute of Healing (WRI) and I’ve been teaching and guiding patients, students, and other healthcare professionals for over 30 years. I specialize in Oriental medicine and a wide variety of other ancient and energetic healing approaches.

I created this Herb Resource Library as a response to student, client, and professional healthcare providers who were seeking a wide variety of perspectives about herbs in an easy-to-access format instead of having to always look through 10 books, 5 websites, a Google search or two, and still end up feeling they hadn’t got what they were looking for. They didn’t just want more information, they wanted a resource that would also include definitions, translations, and some interpretations so they could make better choices when selecting herbs.

So that’s what I’ve done here, taken a lifetime of experience, collected knowledge and curiosity and put it into an easy-to-use format.

The library is divided into one course per herb and each one includes Western science, Eastern energetic medicine, recipes, gardening tips, essential oil information, and so much more…

Most importantly, I’ve translated and interpreted key scientific and Oriental medicine terminology so you can really use the information to help you heal. After all, what good is information if you don’t know what it means? And if over half the world’s population can understand and make use of the Eastern Oriental medicine perspective why shouldn’t you?

The Herb Library is a kind of “living resource.” I call it “living” because it is designed to continue to grow and expand as more content is added, including excerpts from interviews with experts and real case studies from members just like yourself who have had experience using particular herbs to treat a wide variety of health related conditions and concerns. Some of my best teachers were my students and clients who had real stories to share about using herbs. I look forward to hearing yours…

So that’s it…

If you truly want to have access to the wisdom and healing powers of herbs you need to get to know them better. If you want to hear the stories only they can tell, and learn the secrets they can share, this Herb Resource Library is for you.

I INVITE YOU To Take Full Advantage of the Healing Powers of Herbs…

Reduce your dependence on pharmaceuticals (or minimize the negative side effects of the drugs you do need to make use of).

Scientific and Oriental medicine terminology defined and interpreted so you can make better use of BOTH the Western science and the Eastern Oriental medicine approaches.

Each and every herb course in the library also includes recipes, gardening tips, insights about essential oils, and much more.

The comprehensive information you care most about is gathered together all in one place instead of always having to visit 10 books, 5 websites, doing a Google search or two and still not finding the complete or interpreted information you want.

The information is formatted in easy-to-digest bite-sized chunks you can enjoy any time, and as often as you like.

AND!!! More herbs and content will continue to be added at NO extra cost to you.

And Much, Much More!


Take Full Advantage of the Healing Power of Herbs

Access to our WRI Herb Resource Library normally costs $497, but as a special one-time welcome offer to you. I invite you to get started now for ONLY $297.

This offer is only available if you register within the next 3 days. And as I continue to add more content, the regular price will be going up soon…

So why wait? This Herb Resource Library was created just for you.

P.S. I’ve lit a candle in the window welcoming you home to the magical healing powers of herbs. They have secrets to share…. Come let me introduce you or point out characteristics you have yet to discover!

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