Originating in Persia, English walnuts were brought to Europe by the Romans. English walnuts grow from Greece to Persia, and all along the Hindu-Kush to the Himalayas.

There are two types of commonly used walnut trees, The black walnut (J. nigra) and the English walnut (E. regia). Black walnuts are native to North America and can grow 100 feet tall. Their leaves were part of Native American diets.

China is one of the biggest walnut producers. The U.S. Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys in California produce 99% of the English walnuts in the United States.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, walnuts are considered an important Kidney Tonifying herb and their leaves are valued for their astringent properties. They treat vaginal discharge, kill parasites, and heal skin conditions.

In the West, walnuts are prized as an important superfood that is highly nutritious and full of antioxidants. Eating walnuts can improve MetS (aka metabolic syndrome that includes such symptoms as high blood pressure, inadequate HDL cholesterol, and obesity).

Find out more about how to use walnuts in your kitchen and as a medicine.

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