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Online Course: Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Explores the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Discover how ancient Taoist principles relate to healing the body. Uncover the power of Qi (Energy) and the mysteries of Yin and Yang as they relate to the body, mind, and spirit. Join Now, FREE, and receive Member’s Only offers, access, and more!

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Module 1: The History of Medicine - East and West

Come discover an overview of the basic history and geographic spread of Eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from its shamanic roots through its Taoist principles. We’ll visit the roots of Five Phase (Element) and Meridian Theory and contrast these ideas to Western Medical development and history.

Module 2: The Roots and Principles of Taosim

What is Taoism and how does it relate to TCM?  In this section we will explore a bit of the history, legends, roots, and cultural perspectives of Taoism, and introduce the main principals of Qi, Yin and Yang.

Module 3: Qi and Energy

What is Qi (Energy)? This module will explore more deeply the implications and meaning of Qi (Energy) as it pertains to TCM and its application in the healing process. We will also explore how Western Medicine views the function of “energy” in the body as a point of comparison with the Eastern (TCM) perspective.

Module 4: Fundamental Substances - Yin, Yang, Cells and Nutrients

In this module we explain and explore the Eastern (TCM) and Western definitions of the body’s core substances. What is Yin? What is Yang? And how do they work together to support body functions? We then consider Western Biology, exploring cell structures and the importance of key nutrients for bodily functioning from the Western point of view.

Module 5: Blood, Vessels and Channels

Here we will explore the differences between Eastern (TCM) and Western definitions of blood, vessels and the channels used to transport core substances (Blood, Body Fluids, Qi(Energy), Yin, Yang and Nutrients) throughout the body. The TCM perspective and differentiation of Blood (Xue) as compared to its Western counterpart “blood” will provide you with greater insight to herbal treatments and TCM diagnosis.

Module 6: Jing (Essence) and Genetics

This module explores the different perspectives (Eastern (TCM) and Western) regarding Jing (Essence) and genetics. What is Jing? What is genetics? What is the application of Jing (Essence) and its relationship to TCM diagnosis and treatment plans? How do these relate to Western genetics?

Module 7: Shen (Spirit), Psychology, and Consciousness

What is Shen?  What role does the “spirit, soul, god” play in TCM treatment and diagnosis? How does this relate to Western psychology and the western study of consciousness?

Module 8: Bodily Fluids

The TCM perspective and differentiations of bodily fluids is unique. In this module we will explore the TCM versus the Western perspectives of bodily fluids. What they are and how they relate to diagnosis and treatment.

Module 9: The Three Treasures

The Three Treasures are a theoretical cornerstone in TCM. This module reviews the foundations and applications of the “Three Treasures” in TCM describing what they are, how they interact and what their role in TCM is.

Module 10: The Causes of Disease

What are the Six Excesses, the Seven Emotions, and the Eight Key Lifestyle Influences that are considered to be the basis of ill health and disease in TCM? And what are the causes of disease in Western Medicine?

Module 11: Eastern and Western Principals of Diagnosis

Understanding the foundations and theory behind the primary diagnostic methodologies and basic approaches of TCM and Western Medicine will provide you with an understanding of treatment protocols that set the stage for herbal remedies and the treatment of illnesses, disharmonies and disease from both a Western and Eastern (TCM) perspective.

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