Examining Herbs: Functions, Botany & Folklore

Online Course - Eastern and Western Herbs

Our Examining Herbs online course consists of ten modules, outlined below. Included is an overview of Botany, TCM, Western Science, Shamanism, Folklore and more, in order to give you a balanced and introductory overview of the healing properties of plants, bugs, minerals and herbal modalities.

The world of herbs is an extraordinary journey. It encompasses flowers, leaves, roots, minerals, shells, natural habitats, botany, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, bugs, mountains, fields, oceans, creeks, hiking, cooking, gardening, recipes, history, legends, magic and, of course, healing. Healing that integrates the mind, the body and the spirit.

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Module 1: The History of Herbs - Spirits, Shamanism & Taoism

What are the roots of herbalism in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western healing? This section explores the ancient roots of herbalism including the impact and role of traditional healers, shamans or medicine men and women, witchcraft, Taoism and alchemy. We will consider if plants have spirits and the ancient symbolism of the Tree of Life.

Module 2: The Body as Garden & Landscape - Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang

What are the core bodily substances in Tradional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? What is the TCM description of anatomy functions, connections and interactions? What is Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang in TCM? What are the Zang Fu Organ Systems and the Five Phase (Five Element) Theory as applied to the Body?

Module 3: The Scientific Body - Cells & Nutrients

What are the core bodily substances from a Western Medical perspective? What are the fundamental organs and systems in Western Medicine?

Module 4: What Makes You Sick - A TCM Perspective

What is the Eastern (Tradional Chinese Medicine/TCM) causes of disease? What are the main approaches to diagnosis? What are The Six Divisions, The Four Stages and The Ten Questions as applied to herbalism? What are the key Eastern (TCM) actions that describe an herb’s function and impact in the body? How is the pulse, tongue and the body “read” in TCM?

Module 5: What Makes You Sick - A Western Perspective

What are the causes that lead to disease from a Western Medical point of view? What are the main tools and approaches to making a diagnosis? How is a pulse “read,” in the West? What are the key Western actions that describe an herb’s function and impact in the body?

Module 6: Identifying, Naming and Classifying Herbs

Naming conventions, evolution, photosynthesis, the role of carbon, methods of identification, and basic plant biology are all discussed. By the end of this easy module you will be able to identify over 45,000 different plants!!!

Module 7: Monograms - The Who, What & Where of Herbs

In this section we learn to organize the critical information about an herb so we can identify it, locate it, and know what it does and how it can be used to treat ailments and disharmonies. Learn the main categories used to describe herbs.

Module 8: Plant Ingredients and How they Help us Heal

Western science has contributed to the understanding of plant substances and their constituents. These are the compounds that make up a substances chemical structure and help determine its function and impact on the body. Carbohydrates, polysaccharides, acids, latex, volatile oils, resins, tannins and more are explored in this section.

Module 9: Preparing Herbs - Harvest to Formula

Basic information for decocting and making herbal teas and formulas for enjoyment and healing. Discover key tools and storing techniques, measuring techniques, harvesting and options for preparing a substance for storage and use.

Module 10: Herbal Recipes to Stay Healthy and Help Others

What is a tonic? Easy-to-follow recipes to make teas, formulas and potions to help strengthen immunity, and build Qi, Yin, Yang and Blood.

Examining Herbs Online Course Coming Soon!

Start learning today by visiting our Herb Directory and downloading our FREE Healing Herb Fact Sheets. Become a member, FREE, for access to all our Herb Fact Sheets and for a special, Member’s Only offers!

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