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Take FULL Advantage of the Healing Powers of Gypsum (Shi Gao)!

This Herb Health Session is an in-depth course on the powerful healing herb, Gypsum (Shi Gao). Find out HOW and WHY gypsum works. If you are seeking natural solutions and the best of both scientific and energetic perspectives, you are in the right place.

Fennel (Xiao Hui Xiang)

Gypsum is a hydrous calcium sulfate used to fertilize soil, make cement, and it can also be used as a medicine! Gypsum is best used with other herbs to counter conditions associated with life-threatening, severely high fevers and Heat or Fire in the body. These symptoms include high fevers with no chills, dry tongue, delirium, red eyes, dark and scanty urine, irritability, and profuse sweating.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, gypsum is classified as a healing substance that Drains Fire and Dispels Blazing Stomach Fire. This is not an herb for general fevers, but rather for severely high fevers.


Gypsum is also used to treat other conditions that have moved beyond being Hot and are now exhibiting Fire symptoms, including arthritis, diabetes, and lingering colds. A non-toxic substance, gypsum is considered best used with other herbs that can help maximize gypsum’s cooling properties.


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Is Gypsum Toxic?
Join me and find out…

– Gypsum (Shi Gao) –
A WRI™ Herb Health Session

Get the Best of Both Scientific and Energetic Perspectives, All in One Place.
Open to all learners. No previous training is required.

Tuition: $37

“I really enjoy getting both Eastern and Western perspectives. Thank you for including essential oil information, I’ve already started using some of your suggestions.”
- ‎Michelle S.

“Thank you so much, your herb information is magic. You have helped me so much. Knowing what the different herbs can do to help me take care of myself, this is the year for TLC.”
- Marilyn M.

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I appreciate the fact that there are people who truly want to help others. I’ve always wanted to learn about herbs, healing, and sustainable living. Looking forward to learning with you.”
- Scott S.

Meet Your Instructor

I’m Ann Christensen, founder of White Rabbit Institute of Healing (WRI).
I have one goal…

…to help you on your health journey. Whether you are focusing on body, mind, or spirit, I want to help you take the next step forward in discovering True Health.

I’ve been teaching and guiding patients, students, and other healthcare professionals for over 30 years. I specialize in Oriental medicine and a wide variety of other ancient and energetic healing approaches.

I’ve taken a lifetime of experience, collected knowledge, and curiosity, and created this course, aka Health Session, as a response to all who are seeking natural solutions and the best of both scientific and energetic perspectives, all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to herbs. Is this program right for me?

Yes, this video class is open to all learners. No previous training is required.

Are there specific dates I need to be online?

Nope. You can enjoy this material anytime you’d like. The course is available for your convenience 24/7.

Do I need specific supplies in order to participate?

No specific supplies are needed. However, our aim is to inspire you to introduce the herbs, supplements, and essential oils into your life, individually or as recommended in the recipes provided.

What if I have a question while I’m going through the course?

There is a FAQ section in the course where you can ask questions and you are always welcome to email me at info@WhiteRabbitInstituteOfHealing.com.

Can I enroll even if I don’t live in the U.S.?

Absolutely. Wherever you call home, we welcome you to join our online classroom.

– Gypsum (Shi Gao) –
A WRI™ Herb Health Session

Get the Best of Both Scientific and Energetic Perspectives, All in One Place.
Open to all learners. No previous training is required.

Tuition: $37


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