Many people are aware of coconuts being high in healthy medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are absorbed intact in your small intestines and used by your body to produce energy, build muscle, and support overall health. 

Here is a bit of information pertaining to coconuts that you may not have been aware of…

  • Coconuts are a good source of potassium and electrolytes.
  • Coconuts are lactose-free. They are an excellent substitute for anyone allergic to dairy or nut and grain-based milks.
  • Research has found that coconut oil also helps prevent tooth decay as it combines with enzymes in the mouth to help kill off harmful bacteria that lead to dental problems.
  • Coconut milk is not the liquid inside the coconut, this liquid is called coconut water or juice. Coconut milk is made from the expressed juice of grated coconut meat and water. Coconut cream is made from pressing the coconut meat.
  • Coconut oil is the fatty oil that comes from coconut meat. Commercial coconut oils can vary dramatically in quality. Low-quality oil is produced by chemical extraction and is often hydrogenated (creating trans fat, recognized as causing heart disease and cancer), bleached, and deodorized. High-quality oil is pure, organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, coconuts are known for Building Qi, Blood, Yin, and Jing, as well as supporting Body Fluids. They use coconut to build strength and stay healthy.

Find out more about Coconut (Ye Zi).

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