Yes. Wind. And March can be windy!

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Wind is associated with Spring, the Liver, and causing ailments. It is one of the Six External Pathogenic Factors (aka Six Pernicious Influences).

Wind is famous for kicking up in the Spring, invading the body and causing cold and flu symptoms, such as fevers, coughs, congestion, headaches, and itchy eyes. It is often combined with Heat and Cold (two other External Pathogenic Factors).

Inside the body too much Heat or Deficiency can stir up internal Wind causing numbness, paralysis, convulsions, itchy skin, or aches that move around. First you hurt in your shoulders, then your arms, then your hips, and so on. The aches are a moving, windy target.

Ledebouriella is a famous Calm or Eliminate Wind herb. Its Chinese name, Fang Feng, means “Prevent Wind” or “Guard Against the Wind”. It is prized in TCM for healing sore throats, chills, fevers, and diarrhea among a host of other Wind associated ailments, including tetanus. It is a healing root that can anchor you in times of Wind.

Adversity to wind can be a sign of weak Liver energy, a time to tonify your liver, or maybe a gentle cleanse to strengthen your liver’s function. The Liver in TCM supports the Free Flow of Qi and Blood, it likes a breeze, movement, but too much moving around, too much Wind, can cause disharmony or be agitating. Too much Wind can wear your Liver out. Leave you feeling cranky and unsettled.

Wind can blow away stagnant energies and invigorate or it can unsettle and leave you feeling tired and exhausted.

March is Spring time (or Autumn, another windy season, depending on which half of the planet you live on)! A time to pay attention to Wind and its impact on your physical and emotional well-being.

Support your Liver’s health, and fearlessly face the Wind! Wind brings change. Take shelter and dress warmly if it’s too strong and storming or penetrating, it can cause colds and flu.

Support True Health and allow Wind to blow through your life like a refreshing breeze.

Visit our White Rabbit and find out more about Ledebouriella,

Each day in March, I am sharing an aspect of True Health that inspires me, #WRITrueHealthInspiration. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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