A great way to support True Health, herbal tonics are by definition safe and able to be taken daily. In fact, the longer you use them the stronger and healthier you become. They can be used alone or are often found in formulas to help heal a countless number of ailments and disharmonies.

Herbal tonics restore, rejuvenate, tone, and promote improved immune, brain, heart, kidney, and digestive functions. They can boost skin health and help you feel anchored and nourished.

Tonic herbs are a mainstay in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for promoting longevity, health, well-being, and even to promote a more stable meditation practice. Tonic herbs are transforming.

Five classic tonic herbs are:
• Ginseng (Ren Shen)
• Angelica (Dang Quai)
• Astragalus (Huang Qi)
• Rosemary (Mi Die Xiang)
• Lycium Berries (Goji Berries/Gou Qi Zi)

GINSENG is the classic male or Yang tonic herb.

ANGELICA is the classic female or Yin/Blood tonifying herb.

ASTRAGALUS is the classic Build Qi and strong bones and muscles herb. It is often used by athletes to build strength and stamina.

ROSEMARY has an ancient history famous for healing a thousand conditions, but it is also known for supporting brain, liver, and immune function. A true tonic herb.

LYCIUM or GOJI BERRIES were famously used daily by a Taoist monk who is said to have lived to be 252 years old. It is an excellent blood and longevity tonic herb. Delicious too!

Each of these herbs can be used by men or women. Tonic herbs are often sweeter tasting and easy to enjoy, unlike some bitter herbs, that while very good for you, can be too intense to use alone, let alone enjoy!

There are Qi tonics, Blood tonics, general health tonics, Yin and Yang tonics, and immune enhancing tonics. All tonic herbs help to build and support True Health.

Share your favorite tonic herb… you may have the perfect tonic herb someone else needs to hear or be reminded about. I’d love to hear from you! info@whiterabbitinstituteofhealing.com

Each day in March, I am sharing an aspect of True Health that inspires me, #WRITrueHealthInspiration. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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