Here’s to celebrating the sour flavor!

It puckers your mouth, promotes the production of saliva (improving digestion and boosting immune system function) and in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) it is associated with the Liver System.

Sour’s ability to astringe, helping to hold together Qi and Blood and fluids during times of deficiency, as well generating fluids, makes it an ideal taste for the Liver System which it is identified with. The Liver likes to be moist, rich in Yin and fluids. In this way it is better able to promote the Free Flow of Qi and Blood, helping to regulate menses, detoxify the body and blood, and prevent digestive issues caused by Stagnant Qi or Blood.

This Free Flow of Qi and Blood also supports strength, lucid dreaming, and emotional expression and fluidity. Feeling pent up and angry? Sour? Might be you are deficient in this important flavor and could use a bit of sour in your diet?

Lemons (Citrus limonum/Ning Meng) are one of the world’s great providers of sour. They are famous for hydrating, balancing pH, detoxifying the liver, cooling, and cleansing the blood.

What simpler way to support True Health than by enjoying a glass of lemon water? Just a teaspoon of lemon juice in 8 ounces of water can do the trick!

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