Codonopsis is an herb famous for many medicinal attributes. It is popularly used as an effective adaptogenic herb that is gentle yet, powerfully able to Tonify Qi.

Here are two aspects of this herb, one from the Western scientific perspective, and the other from the Eastern energetic, or TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine ) perspective to give you a sneak peek at just two of this herb’s remarkable healing attributes.

1. The compound hesperidin is found in codonopsis. Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid used for treating hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and poor circulation. (These are all symptoms associated with Tonifying Qi in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Among hesperidin’s other benefits, it also helps to protect the heart and reduce the symptoms of diabetes. It is an anti-inflammatory with antimicrobial and skin-lightening properties and is often enjoyed to promote youthful skin.

2. Codonopsis is known to Tonify the Lungs and the Spleen (including the Stomach) (Metal and Earth Elements or Phases). These two systems in TCM are responsible for the intake and transformation of Qi into the Body. The Lungs (the Metal Element) take in Heavenly Qi (or air) and the Spleen and Stomach (the Earth Element) are responsible for separating the most nutritive Qi from foods and beverages as well as combining the Lung Qi and the Qi from digestion together to make and nourish Blood. There’s a reason this herb is used to build stamina and aid recovery!

As you can see from just these two perspectives of codonopsis, this is an herb with many applications. It is safe, protective, and healing. It is also edible and often added to many Asian dishes to take advantage of its many healing and immune-boosting properties.

Find out more about the benefits and applications of Codonopsis.

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